Bad König

Lake with fountain Spa gardens Water playground
There are a big and small lake in the eastern part of the large spa gardens. Next to the lakes, you can find a miniature golf course, a French bowls course and Kneipp cure facilities. The superb water fountain was installed in the small lake in 1991 and has topped off the general view of the spa gardens.

Open Air theatre Wandelhalle Fountain
The open air theatre is situated directly in the middle of the ancient town. It is a culturally important meeting point, well-known far above the Odenwald borders. A varied programme is offered every year.

Odenwald-Therme Odenwald-Therme Saline grotto
Relax in the new Odenwald-thermae. There are indoor and outdoor pools, a separate therapy pool, a sauna with several hot steam rooms, steam baths, aroma therapy and a restaurant..
The new saline grotto is a very seldom attraction in Germany. Relaxation and abatement in respiratory and skin diseases are provided by sea salts and salts from the Himalayas.

The Ancient Castle Panorama railroad station
The former residence of the Earls of Erbach Schönberg is located at the “Schlossplatz” square. The Earls lived in the Ancient Castle until 1927 and then gave it to the city. The Ancient Castle was completely renovated in consideration of the historic building. The restoration ended in 1993. The museum of local history is now situated in the ground floor, the most part of the Ancient Castle is occupied by the town hall.